A day of love, friendship and remembering

Our 35-year reunion was held on August 2, 2008 in the Olive Grove of Rankin Park. Although it was not as large of a turn out as our last get together it was still a blast! It was a warm and pleasant day in the park with food being provided by Catered with Care of Vallejo. The menu consisted of Tri-Tip, Rosemary Chicken, Potato Salad, Green Salad, Baked Beans, Vegetable Platter, Rolls and Summer Melons.

Classmate David Rich greeted the class. Classmate Barbara Chambers offered Grace. Our Class Principal Mr. Frank Walsh then gave a talk about the great flag of our nation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Our guest speakers were Miss Burt our 8th grade history teacher who spoke about our days and her experiences at the Junior High School. She spoke of the pranks played by fellow teachers and of the hassles of teaching during split session caused by the restructuring of the Junior High to meet earthquake standards of the day. She also spoke of how she structured her lessons and that the class of 1973 was one of her fondest memories.

Our next speaker was the head of the Alhambra English Department in 1973 and who our senior year Torch was dedicated to Mrs. Doris Vitek formerly Doris Daily. Mrs. Vitek was as classy and lovely as we all remember her as being. She spoke of being a dress designer and then deciding to enter the teaching profession. She came to Alhambra with not a clue as to how to teach and learned from us and our questions and desire to learn. She said that in later years she taught some in San Anselmo but it wasn’t the same as Alhambra. Nothing could top her experiences with the students here. She spoke of her great love for literature and the joy she received from sharing her love with all of us.

Our final guest speaker was new to our school in 1973 coming to us from being Vice Principal at Ygnacio Valley High School. Mr. Frank Walsh, a dashing and delightful teacher and administrator, came to Alhambra and Martinez to be our Principal. He was open and approachable with a true interest in our future and us. That love was shown again today for us. Mr. Walsh took quality time to remind us as to who we were and where we came from. He brought back a flood of memories and gave us a charge to continue to be who we are and to continue to strive to make a difference. He was the right man for our day and his love and admiration for us is still rock solid.

Following our guest speakers fellow classmates updated us on their experiences at Alhambra and their lives today.

Before adjourning a committee was selected to be the planning group for our 40th reunion in 2013. This committee will be taking suggestions from all members of our class on what the 2013 reunion will be like. We invite you to submit your suggestions for consideration via the Registration Link on this website. The Committee will meet in the spring of 2009 to start planning for this very special milestone. At present members of the committee are Darlene Busnardo-Fleming; Linda Cabral-Honea; Jeanine Cardinelli-Quinly; Richard Cassidy; Barbara Chambers; John Danielson; Ray Gonzales; David Kamberg; Diane Lindley-Schatz; Beatrice Lujan; David Rich; webmaster Karen Rich; Marina Salazar; Richard Sharkey; and Julie Silveria-Lopez. If you are also interested in serving please make your interest known via the Registration Link.

Classmates attending the reunion were: Jim Alldredge; David Boyd; Darlene Busnardo-Fleming; Ray Gonzales; Linda Cabral-Honea; Jeanine Cardinelli-Quinly; Richard Cassidy; Barbara Chambers; John Danielson; Elizabeth Floyd Oberender; Craig Hambelton; Robyn Heath-Alves; David Ivner; David Kamberg; Beatrice Lujan; Diane Lindley-Schatz; Terri Malone; Phillis Osenga; Jorge Raya; David Rich; Richard Sharkey; Julie Silveria-Lopez; Sallie Smith-Kinser.

The event started at noon and was over at 4 PM with many hugs and a promise that we will just keep coming back for more.

Just a side note: This was my second reunion that I have headed up for the Alhambra Class of 1973. I want to say how proud I am of each of you and that it is truly an honor and pleasure for me to be a member of such a fine and decent group of people. We are truly blessed to have had the experience of a lifetime to grow up in this beautiful little community of Martinez and to have attended Alhambra High School founded by the Father of the California Education System Mr. John Swett. But more than that we are more than a class, more than a high school year, more than classmates... we are family!

God Bless you all... Dave

If you attended the picnic you received a username and password to view and download the pictures taken at the reunion. Sierra Morning Website Design understands that the Classmates who attended 35th year reunion paid for the viewing rights to these pictures and respects their privacy by not granting access to those who were not a part of this reunion. We invite all classmates of the Alhambra Class of 1973 to attend the 40th reunion so that you may enjoy the pictures of that future day.

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